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“Reefe’s novel stars a colorful assortment of heroic and villainous characters, including a sassy protagonist, a highly perceptive witch, and a Twinkie-loving demon.”


– Kirkus Reviews

"Spindle Lane is an ingenious time travel machine. The imagery is so vivid and the narrative so realistic that they instantly transported me into the story's world. I was right there with the characters, experiencing their terror and desperation as if it were my own. A writer's job is to make the story so compelling that the words disappear, and Reefe has done that job magnificently. Spindle Lane devoured me mind, heart, and soul, plopping me back into the days of my youth with a delicious demonic twist I'll savor for years to come. Ray Bradbury would be proud indeed. Kudos and bravo. Highly recommended."

-- Kerry Alan Denney, multiple award-winning author of Soulsnatcher and Jagannath


"Don't miss Spindle Lane, it's a hoot, a delight and as always, a soul- affirming read."

--Sarah Dale, author of Something Wicked and Something Haunted

"Reefe never fails to bring the characters to life."


-- S.L. Kerns, author of The Rut

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