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Bike trail 5.jpg
June 2, 1978
A strange thing happened tonight on the White Marsh Bike Trail. I decided to take it as a shortcut so I could get home before the streetlights came on, and I was making good time on the Blue Beast (aka my Team Murray BMX) when I saw something big dash behind a bunch of bushes. Stopping to check it out, I noticed a path stretching from a puddle of water straight to a cluster of ferns and stunted trees, almost like something had been dragged into them. When they started moving, I decided it was a good time to split. Turns out that was a smart move because whatever was back there tore out of its hiding place and chased me. I heard it grunting and swore I could feel its hot breath on my neck, but somehow I made it to the exit before it could get me. It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed the red on my bike tires. That's when I knew the puddle on the trail wasn't water. It was blood.
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