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Dead End.jpg

More of a chapel really, the simple one room building lies tucked away deep in the backwoods of rural Maryland. Sitting at the end of a lonely country road, it seems to materialize from out of nowhere, and though the chapel looks innocent enough at first glance, a closer examination will reveal its true nature.


Just behind the chapel rests an ancient graveyard speckled with the lichen-covered headstones of those long dead. And though they are timeworn, an inspection of the stones will uncover various occult symbols amongst the names of the dearly departed. Fresh mounds of earth are also in abundance within these unholy grounds, but one must continue onwards to the small dirt path beyond the cemetery to learn their secret.

For those brave or foolish enough to venture down the path, rumor has it they will stumble upon a small hollow where human sacrifices are held during the blood moon. Standing in that most profane of places, the hapless explorer will discover only too late the purpose of the earthen mounds, for those who worship there do not suffer uninvited guests.

Consider yourself warned.

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