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On October 27, 1971, a group of teenage girls stumbled upon a gruesome discovery near Fletchertown Road located in Prince George’s County. The sight of the dead dog was sad to be sure, but the fact that the canine’s head had been torn off made the discovery all the ghastlier. Little did the girls know, the butchered animal was just a harbinger of terrible things to come.

Over the next several weeks more dogs were found, all similarly mutilated, and not long after a local pastor went missing. Two days after the man’s disappearance, a hunter discovered the pastor’s body – also minus a head. Accompanying these macabre discoveries were sightings of a horned beast, terrible to behold. Accounts varied as to its exact size, but all agreed it was a bizarre blend of man and goat.

Speculation as to the Goatman’s origin spread like wildfire. Many believed it was rooted in science, perhaps the product of some experimental mishap at the nearby Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. Still others were convinced the beast was born of Hell, some fiendish abomination that crept out of the abyss to feast upon the living. A story discovered in the late 1970s offers compelling evidence in support of the latter. Written by a local boy, it provides an impressively detailed account of his encounter with the creature. 

Regardless of his origin, the Goatman is known to frequent Crybaby Bridge, Glenn Dale Hospital, and Fletchertown Road. Those of you with adventurous souls may catch a glimpse of him at one of those dark and gloomy locations, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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