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A sprawling complex of decaying brick buildings spanning over 216 acres of land in Prince George’s County, Glenn Dale Hospital closed its doors in 1982 due to spiraling maintenance costs and the presence of asbestos throughout the campus. Since then the former sanitarium has
been left to slowly rot and rust while all manner of creature has crept, climbed, spun, and slithered its way into the darkest corners of the hospital to take up residence. Though most are harmless enough, some are best left undisturbed. 


Those adventurers that managed to evade detection by locally stationed police have reported phantasmal sightings and encounters while exploring the decayed and moldy innards of places such as the Adult Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Finucane Hall, and the Power Plant, to name a few. From ominous shadow figures stalking explorers in the staff dormitories to haunting whispers and ghostly laughter echoing from out of the children’s morgue, encounters with the hospital’s otherworldly denizens have been well documented over the decades. 


Stories of visitors descending into the vast labyrinth of tunnels connecting the hospital’s many buildings have even surfaced, but prevalent flooding has prevented deep exploration in all accounts – save for one. In the late 80s a story of group of teenagers delving deep into the bowels of Glenn Dale and discovering the lair of the Goatman circulated through the town of Bowie, Maryland. Though many consider it little more than a tall tale, the amount of detail contained within the story has led some to speculate there is more to it than meets the eye. 

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